Spring has sprung at Dickie Bros. Orchard

Look what's blossoming at Dickie Bros.

We've been working hard all winter to help our orchard be her best,
including planting 500 new trees of yummy new apple varieties,
There's never a dull moment here on the farm.
But while we wait for the apples to grow,
we thought we would share some photos

blossoms are everywhere

careful, so are the honey bees

can't beat the view

Tom and John Bruguiere

Dickie Brothers Orchard
has been in our family since England's King George II granted
three tracts of land to our Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather
James Dickie in 1752, 1758 and 1760.

Yes, it's true, our family has been farming this land for over two hundred and sixty years!

Tommy and John Bruguiere are the seventh generation
to manage Dickie Bros.

We grow over 15 different varieties of apples. We also grow peaches, nectarines, plums, blackberries, sweet potatoes, pumpkins and much more.
We also raise beef cattle, have Saddlebred horses and have various colors of Labrador Retrievers running around the orchard.

Alongside Little De Priest Mountain on the eastern edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains (near Crabtree Falls), the cool mountain air gives our apples great color and excellent flavor. The view from our orchard is the envy of almost anywhere in the United States, especially when the Fall foliage is in full color and the apples are fresh on the tree.

So we invite our customers to "Pick Your Own Apples" all season and experience nature's beauty here with our family, at
Dickie Brothers Orchard.

Dickie Bros. 

Summer Orchard View

We also sell our Dickie Brothers produce at farmers markets periodically throughout the season:

Fresh Empire Apples at Dickie 

Brothers Orchard Fuji 


Apple varieties grown throughout the season include: McIntosh, Paula Red, Gala, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Stayman, Rome, Winesap, Fuji, Empire, Granny Smith, HoneyCrisp, Pink Lady, Golden Supreme and Jonagold.

Harvest usually begins in July and ends the 1st week of November.

We invite you to stop by our orchard and buy some fresh apples, view the Blue Ridge, picnic or simply spend some time picking your own delicious
Dickie Brothers Apples.

Dickie Brothers Orchard is on Virginia's "Century Farms" list.

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Filmed right here at Dickie Bros. Orchard
No royalties, just loyalties!